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Support Page > General Q's

General Q's

How long do the tattoos last?

The tattoos will last up to 7 days if applied carefully and correctly. Please make sure to follow the application instructions carefully for the best results.

Can I remove my tattoo early?

Yes! The easiest way to remove it is to use rubbing alcohol with the supervision of an adult.

Can I customize a tattoo design?

Yes! you can check our new feature at create your own under our homepage.

Where are these made?

All our tattoos are made in the US of A baby! They are made of the highest quality ingredients that have been approved by the FDA and are completely safe for all skin types. Many of our competitors produce their tattoos in China, which has lower safety regulations. This makes many of their tattoos harmful to your skin.

What is the return policy?

See our entire return policy here

How to contact Us?

you can reach us in our Contact page Link.